Why some people shouldn't have children

Posted: Tuesday, April 19, 2005 | Posted by Jaba |

My dumbass, retarded Andy Warhol look-alike VP recently told us that his 1.5 year old baby was getting to be quite big. When my boss asked him what he was feeding him, he said bananas and Power Bars cause "that's what I eat". Fucking worthless retardo boy (he literally looks and acts like a retarded Andy Warhol) is a maniac cyclist and doesn't eat anything except for bagels, banana's and Power Bars. Literally. This is all this monkey eats. He also sleeps in a special chamberized bed that simulates high altitude (i.e. low oxygen levels). The years of oxygen deprivation apparently has taken a toll on the fucker's brain since he's now feeding his baby Power Bars. I wouldn't feed my neighbor's dog that shit, let alone a 20 month baby. Babies eat baby food, not blocks of hardened quasi-fruit cakes.

I'm thinking of calling child services.


  1. Crazy Like A Fox said...
  2. Does this idiot have a wife, or is the poor child's mother have an oxygen deprived brain as well?

  3. Elephant Hunter said...
  4. Unfortunately the mom is just as stupid. She's also a cyclist. One time she was hauling the baby on one of those wagons that hooks on a bike. She took a sharp turn and needless to say, the baby tumbled.

    Worse parents ever.

  5. Raven the Pagan said...
  6. Yes those are the type of parents that need slaps to the head.