Texas may have put innocent man to death, panel told

Posted: Wednesday, April 20, 2005 | Posted by Jaba |

By Steve Mills Chicago Tribune staff reporter

"With Texas' criminal justice system the subject of intense scrutiny for a crime lab scandal and a series of wrongful convictions, a state Senate committee heard testimony Tuesday about the possibility that Texas had experienced the ultimate criminal justice nightmare: the execution of an innocent person."

"...According to Hurst and three other fire experts who reviewed evidence in the case at the Tribune's request, the original investigation that concluded the fire was arson was flawed, relying on theories no longer considered valid. It is even possible the fatal fire at the Willingham home in Corsicana, a small town about an hour south of Dallas, was accidental, according to the experts."


Lesson learned: if your house accidentally burns down in Texas, you could die...at the hands of the state.

Now I don't know if this guy was guilty or not. All I know is that Republicans are the most trigger happy fuckers around. Especially those in Texas.

It’s ironic how Neocons go on and on about the value of life, considering:

- they’ll happily fry someone at the chair, even those that might be innocent

- they’ll rush to war, costing the lives of 100,000 civilians and 1,500+ American soldiers

- they're willing to sacrifice the lives of innocent gun victims just so a few lunatics can have all the automatic weapons they want

They’ll “protect” lives, but they don’ give a rats ass about the quality of those lives:

- Not enough money at retirement? NO SOCIAL SECURITY FOR YOU!!!

- Can't afford healthcare? NO MEDICARE FOR YOU!!!

- Lost an arm fighting for our country? CUT VA SPENDING!!!

- No books or computers for schools? CUT EDUCATION FUNDING!!!

- Brain dead and breathing artificially with a machine? KEEP THE FEEDING TUBE IN!!!

- Paralyzed from the waist down? NO STEM CELL RESEARCH!!!

- Want to marry the person you love? CONSTITUTIONALLY BAN YOUR ASS FROM MARRYING!!!

Fucking Republicans.


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  2. Dude if he was innocent. what do they tell his family? oops! Really good point with your list there.