Let me tell you about my average work day (and why even I can't worry about privatized accounts)

Posted: Monday, April 18, 2005 | Posted by Jaba |

I wake up at 7AM, get up, take a piss, shut off my alarm, and go back to bed. My internal clock wakes me up again around 7:30. I finally wrestle myself out of bed, plop on the toilet, take a shit, jump in the shower and soak in the comforting warm water for at least 20 minutes. By the time I brush my teeth, fix my hair, put on my clothes and roll to work, its already 8:30. I get to work at around 8:45. After I check email, I get a cup of freshly brewed coffee from my bosses office, shoot the shit for a while, then go back to my office to work/pretend to work until noon. I take a minimum of 1.5 hours off for lunch, usually 2 hours, and roll back into my office at 2:00. After 3 more hours of work/pretend work, I call it a day. Being single, the rest of my day is filled with long dinners, cigars, baseball games (watching, not playing), TV, xbox, online porn, blogging, whatever the fuck I feel like doing until I finally fall asleep on my couch around 1-1:30AM. No nagging wife, no crying kids, no night school, and no second job.

That is my typical work day. I'm also fortunate enough to get paid well...not "I'm an Assistant Manager at Walmart and get paid well", but really paid well. In addition, I'm college educated and have a working knowledge of finance and investments (since that's what I get paid to do).

Despite my job, my education, and my ample free time, I have no fucking idea what my 401(k) is invested in. I have a rough guess, but I haven't checked or made a change since I first joined my company 5 years ago. So if I don't have the time/care to manage my retirement fund, how the flying cow shit is some minimum wage earning, single mother of 3, who is trying to finish night school, going to have the fucking time, understanding, or godam patience to fuck around with Bush's bullshit private accounts????? And what if she invests incorrectly? Then what? Do we just say "fuck her, she's poor and stupid"? That's basically the Republican position.

People - Republicans or Republican wannabees - usually talk about all this bullshit rhetoric about working hard, saving, getting an education, pulling yourself by the boot straps, yada yada yada. They don't think about the day to day lives of those who struggle just to get by. I work with a bunch of well-to-do Republicans. They fucking bitch and whine about how they work hard and that they deserve what they get. What a bunch of horse shit. Trust me, "working hard" working on spreadsheets in an air-conditioned office, traveling and staying in nice hotels, eating at business dinners, hob-nobbing at MLB games, is not quite the same as working 10 hours at the local McDonalds followed by a night shift at 7-Eleven.

Fucking Republicans, fucking Bush.

Read "Bush Social Security Plan Proves Tough Sell Among Working Poor"


  1. Raven the Pagan said...
  2. I work grave yard shift only. So the whole day is mine.I make great money. I get 7 weeks paid vacation a year. Great retirement, and health care. For the 7.5 hours I'm at work. I usally have my job done in about 3. :) Hard work, and stress is not something I associate with my job. Dubya shouldn't talk about hard work since he don't have to sweat either.

  3. Gun-Toting Liberal said...
  4. Man, that was a great post! I enjoy your blogs.

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