Could Dean end up being the right guy to lead the Dems?

Posted: Sunday, April 17, 2005 | Posted by Jaba |

Here are some interesting recent snippets from the man many thought was too fringe to successfully lead the DNC:

"We need to be a national party, we need a national message, and we need to understand why people in dire economic straits - people who certainly aren't being helped by Republican policies - why they vote for George Bush," he said. "We need to respect voters in red states who want to vote for us, but we make it hard for them by not listening to what they have to say."

Democrats get "caught" in defending abortion, he said. "Well, there's nobody who's pro-abortion, not Democratic or Republican. What we want to debate is who gets to choose: (House Majority Leader) Tom DeLay and the federal politicians? Or does a woman get to make up her own mind?"

He said the party also should encourage "pro-life Democrats" to run for office.