My Healthcare Plan

Posted: Wednesday, September 16, 2009 | Posted by Jaba |

Call me an elitist, which I am, but the lovely folks in the picture look like your average Joe the Plumbers and Hockey Moms. Based on their signs, they must love the healthcare coverage they’re getting now and just tickled red by the premiums and deductibles they’re paying, and would hate, I mean HATE, to be forced into some Socialist government sponsored medical system like say Medicare or Tricare. Oh wait, ooops, aren’t those technically government sponsored medical systems? Never mind. Neocons don’t need to be bothered by silly details like facts.

So here’s what I wish would happen, as an admitted elitist. I hope the Dems fail in their healthcare reform effort. In fact, I hope we swing the other way and make things even more lucrative for providers and insurers. Here’s why. Unlike the “I make $12 an hour but I’m going to whine about Socialism” dickheads in the picture, I can actually afford my premiums, deductibles, and occasional out of pocket costs. I also don’t have to worry about silly things like paying for my family’s healthcare. So double, triple my costs. I don’t give a fuck. Unlike the dickheads, I also have cash which I will use to buy up a bunch of healthcare stocks. The buttload Ill make off my shares will pay for a lifetime of medical cost increases and then some. And the best part is, the ahole protestors below will hopefully be dying like maggots because they can’t afford even a primary care visit. It’s a win-win for me. I come out financially ahead and I get to LMAO when I see these same dickheads crying and begging for help because they can’t afford pre-natal care for their retarded inbred babies.