Affirmative Action Gone Out of Control

Posted: Wednesday, September 16, 2009 | Posted by Jaba |

Below is an email I recently sent to my friend Chuck. My half-German, half-Irish, all ignorant friend Chuck. In addition to being a fat bastard, taco aficionado, and generally decent guy, he's also a special kind of racist. One of those racists that not only has a lot of minority friends, like me, but also gets his stereotypes all wrong. For instance, he thinks Asians benefit from affirmative action. Forget the fact that we make up something like 15 percent of the population but over 50 percent of all good UC's (UCLA, Cal,, not you UC Santa Cruz).

11-Year-Old Graduates From LA College

Not only did this kid take advantage of the fact that he’s Asian, but he must have found a loophole regarding affirmative action for pre-teens. What is even more ridiculous is that this guy got into college without ever playing high school football or learning how to play guitar….math, science, asthrophysics, martial arts…what is that non-sense. No damn it…a good American kid doesn’t do that hippie crap. A real American would have learned to speak American and played a real sport like baseball. Anybody can get a 4.0 GPA when all you do is study. Ill take me a good ol American kid with a 2.8 GPA but knows how to hit an inside fast ball any day of the week over some nerd. I mean, where would our country be if it werent for all the varsity athletes. These are the guys who built Google, Yahoo, Microsoft…the pillars of our country’s economy.

In fact, I think all the minorities on this distribution should be hit with an additional 10 percent tax on our nearly $2M annual income because we took advantage of the system to get into Cornell, Columbia, Duke, Cal, UCLA. How dare we…

Right Chuck?