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Posted: Saturday, April 16, 2005 | Posted by Jaba |

There's a good chance mankind would have been obliterated from the face of the earth if GW and his cronies were in power during the Cuban Missile Crisis. If this administration was willing to start a pre-emptive war against a state that didn't have WBD's and whose military had been decimated by years of economic blockade, imagine what he would have done against the Russians.

If I was some dude chillin in Peru, I'd be pissed that my existence is dependent on some cowboy with an itchy trigger finger. I'd be even more pissed at the assholes who voted him in office.


  1. Raven the Pagan said...
  2. To be honest dude can you say Kerry was better? Don't get me wrong here I hate GW as much as you do. Kerry never got into GW's shit. Get right into his face type of stuff. The democrats didn't send a very good pick.

  3. Elephant Hunter said...
  4. Whatever shortcomings Kerry had, I don't think being an itchy finger is one of them. A lot of people like Bush cause he's perceived as a straight shooting ass kicker. Problem is, you need a few more qualifications to be President.

    The one thing the Republican spin machine was able to get Americans to buy was that Kerry is a flip flopper. They use his change in opinion on invading Iraq as proof of his flip flopping ways. Well I dont think thats flip flopping. I think that's simply having some godam common sense. I was the biggest supporter of the invasion cause I didnt think GW would blatantly lie about WMD's. Well guess what...he did lie and after the fact, I think it was a bad idea to invade. Common fucking sense.

    I do hope the Dems put out a better candidate next time out. I'm hoping for Barack Obama. If he can win over rural farmers in Illinois, he might have a shot winning the fly over states.