Illegal Immigrants Are Bolstering Social Security With Billions

Posted: Tuesday, April 05, 2005 | Posted by Jaba |

"As the debate over Social Security heats up, the estimated seven million or so illegal immigrant workers in the United States are now providing the system with a subsidy of as much as $7 billion a year." more

I just love the ironies of life. We've got hardworking, motivated, illegal immigrant "criminals" crossing the border, working back breaking jobs and contributing $7 billion annually to our social security system, only to be harassed by gun-toting, redneck, vigilante "patriots", who undoubtedly don't actually have jobs (I don't know about you but my employer wouldn't let me take days off to go camping and play army). The funny thing is that it's these minimum wage earning (if they do have jobs) militia motherfuckers who will need social security when they hang up their robes and hoods. It's these assholes who will benefit from the $7 billion annual contribution by the illegals, not the immigrants themselves.

Now I'm not advocating illegal immigration. As a proud foreign-born US citizen who had to go through the lengthy naturalization process, I don't think anyone should be allowed to take cuts in the process. I just think these vigilante types, and anyone who is consumed with the problem of illegal immigration, should lighten the fuck up, and focus on getting their own ass in order. Read a book, get your GED, dare to dream and maybe go to the junior college down the street, don't settle for the fry station job, do something productive instead of sitting on your ass and bitching about illegal immigrants.


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  2. Hey look at Scareface. A real achiever! Worked his way from the bottom of the drug trade to become a Kingpin. Only in America! LMAO Just messing around.