Huntsville, here I come!!!

Posted: Tuesday, April 12, 2005 | Posted by Jaba |

In five different occasions over the past five years, my job has required me to travel to Huntsville, Alabama. In all five instances, I've wormed my way out. One excuse was legit: I had the flu. The other four times, I came up with lame reasons why I couldn't fly to the Crimson Tide state. Jury duty. Parents were flying into town. I don't remember the other two reasons but I'm sure they were quite bullshit.

Well my luck has run out. I'm scheduled to fly to Huntsville next Tuesday. The ticket has been booked and paid for. There is no way out. Fortunately for me, I'm only there for a 3 hour meeting. I made sure I was booked on the first available flight back to good ol blue California.

Now I'm sure that there are some real nice folks in Alabama. But honestly, I'd rather not take my chances. When I think of Alabama, I think klansmen, race riots, segregation, black guys being dragged behind pick-up trucks, you know, all the wonderful qualities of the deep south. I'm not sure what chances an Asian Democrat has in one of the reddest states in the Union.

So if you all don't hear from me after next Tuesday, keep an eye out for any lynching reports coming out of Alabama.


  1. Raven the Pagan said...
  2. Be sure to visit Death Row at the local prison. C'mon and brighten someones day! :-)