Arnold for President!!!

Posted: Monday, April 11, 2005 | Posted by Jaba |

The Governator spoke at my company today. He's probably one of a handful of Republican politicians that I would waste my time listening to. Although I don't agree with all of his policies, he's middle of the road on a lot of social issues and at least tries to be fiscally responsible, unlike the spastic debtors of the GW administration. He ain't a right wing nut. He loves California. He probably enjoys sushi. And most importantly he smokes cigars. Definitely not your typical right-wing, fascist Republican.

Therefore, I've decided to support an Arnold run for President in 2008. If a Democrat can't be President, than I'd rather have Arnold lead our nation rather than some bible thumping, deficit spending, empire building, minority hating, gay bashing dickhead from one of the fly over states.



  1. Raven the Pagan said...
  2. An Austrian for president, hey thats a great idea. Germany also had an Austrian for president. He had a pretty long career 1933-1945. He certainly got German factories moving again.

  3. Andy Dabydeen said...
  4. I agree with you. If there can't be a Democrat for president, Arnold makes the best Republican choice. I'm Canadian, and I'd rather not live in fear of what's going on south of the 49th.

    And Raven -- the Austrians have also had Austrians for their leader. So what's your point? Slamming an entire nation for what one man did ... hmm ... I guess that's the same attitude as the rest of the world, that now thinks every American is an asshole thanks to their fearless leader.

  5. Clublint said...
  6. I'm from Australia so I won't even pretend to know your laws, but I was under the impression that the President had to be an American. Not just a citizen, but a dinky di ridgy didge American.


  7. Elephant Hunter said...
  8. Deb - You are correct. However, there is a drive by some Republicans to change the laws in order to accomodate a Terminator run for office in 2008. My dream would be to have a Republican run off between Arnold (immigrant), Colin Powel (minority), followed by a general election between one of those two and Barak Obama (minority). Man that'll piss of the right-wing nazis.