Conservative = Backward Ass Donkey

Posted: Friday, March 11, 2005 | Posted by Jaba |

Got this from a "conservative" blog site:

Favorite Quote of the Day
From the longshot Republican candidate for Mayor in Los Angeles, CA, as found in one of his campaign ads:

"My name is Walter Moore and I'm running for mayor, and you know what? I don't speak Spanish, and I don't intend to learn."

That's just so witty and wonderful, isn't it? From what I can gander from reading the crap that is found in most of these right-wing blogs, being "conservative" means that you are a backward-ass hick who thinks being ignorant and unwilling to learn new things are good, American qualities. What the fuck is wrong with learning to speak another language? Is that such a bad thing? Is your "conservative" donkey-shit brain so stupid that it can't absorb more than one language? Or are you so insecure about your own idenity that you are terrified of Mexicans taking over your country? How fucking ignorant.

Actually, I'm not really pissed at these fascists. These right-wing "conservatives" will always be peddlers of hate. This will never change. What really ticks me off are minorities - Asians, Blacks, Hispanics, Latinos - who side with these rascist bastards. Just because Republicans spin themselves to be the party of the Christian Right, they're behaviour and beliefs are neither Christian nor right. Just because they talk about being an inclusive party, realize that Alan Keyes and Condi Rice are as black as Taco Bell is Mexican food. Minorities: Make no mistake about it, right-wing "conservatives" hate you. They don't want to learn your language, they think you are an inferior race, they wish they could still legally own you, they look at you with suspicion, the only time they want to see you in their neighborhood is when you're mowing their lawn. They may smile at you, but they'll call you nigger, chink, and dirty mexican, as soon as you walk by.

During election night, I was watching the coverage on CNN and saw these 2 grinning 20-something Asian girls waving their Bush signs. I was thinking, "what the fuck are these bithches so happy about???". Are they thrilled to have to sell their coochies to some online pornsite just to pay tuition cause Bush has slashed college grants? Do they think that the average Republican thinks of them as anything more than Asian whores? If the history of the world was a roll of a dice, and God decided to roll a million times, not one of those rolls would have resulted in Martin Luther King or John F. Kennedy being a Republican.

So to all you dumbshit minorities who voted for Bush and pride yourselves on being a "conservative", I hope you come back in your next life as a slave or a Chinese railroad worker. You fucking morons.


  1. mcgibfried said...
  2. i would vote for him based soley on that quote.

  3. Elephant Hunter said...
  4. And proof again that our country is filled with ignorant jackasses.

  5. Geekbird said...
  6. I couldn't have said it better myself. it's a case of wanting to be the "model minority".

    I hear they hate birds too...those bitches!!

  7. Elephant Hunter said...
  8. Thinking about it some more, I shouldn't be pissed at mcgibfried. I'm sure I would be upset if some young Mexican was trying to bump me out of my sweet gig at the french fry station. And I would be ticked off if I got bypassed for the Assistant Shift Manager position at McDonald's by some Puerto Rican. So no worries mcgibfried. Btw, I need a new photocopy boy. Pays $7 an hour which I'm sure is a raise for you. And you don't have to speak Spanish.

  9. Hurricane Bob said...
  10. Nice name calling, do you have anything of substance on your blog?

  11. Elephant Hunter said...
  12. No bitch, now leave.

  13. Geekbird said...
  14. to play devils advocate, I think mcgibfried was being sarcastic...but i could be wrong, but what are the chances of Geekbird being wrong?

  15. Elephant Hunter said...
  16. Damn, my bad mcgibfried. it was too early in the morning for me. No hip hop aficionado could be a Republican.