Socialist Crap

Posted: Friday, November 30, 2007 | Posted by Jaba |

All you Republicans should be pissed as hell about this. What kind of Che Guevarra crap is this????? Why the hell is my tax dollars being used to bail out ass monkey, interest only, over-leveraged, aholes and their stupid homes??? If your 30k a year dumb ass decides to buy a million dollar house, not only do you deserve to get reamed by ever increasing interest payments so that your wife has to sell herself to make the next mortgage payment, you should be beaten with a large stick like I'm sure they do in some 3rd world countries.

So if I decide to borrow $1M to buy Sudanese stocks because some valet parker/Starbucks barista/financial advisor think they're good investments, and they all tank, the government is going to bail me out as well???? Motherf...