Oh Rudy, why did you end up sucking...

Posted: Wednesday, April 25, 2007 | Posted by Jaba |


Anyone that thinks we are safer today, after 6 long years of Republican rule, is an idiot. Perhaps the neocons think that terrorist organizations such as Al Queda are like Major League Baseball teams: take out the starting pitcher, torture the manager, carpet bomb the AA team and you'l destroy the franchise. It doesn't work that way. Trying to fight terrorism by simply swinging the biggest stick and ignoring diplomacy, economic reform, democracy and freedom by example (instead of just lip-service), is a short-sighted and failing strategy. Yet this is the strategy that Guliani and the other fascicons have rallied behind and continue to support, despite our inability to reduce the number of terrorists, despite the debacle that is the Iraq war, despite the increased extremism throughout the Middle East in response to our leadsership's cavalier attitude towards foreign policy.

At the beginning and during the early stages of the Iraq war, I had a number of heated arguments with Republicans who claim that invading Iraq and overthrowing Sadaam would help create a "beacon of democracy" (actual words used by one Republican) in the Middle East. This "beacon" would show others in Iran and Syria and Saudi Arabia, that democracy and freedom and the Western way of life is the path they should follow. However, this logic, as is with most of the idealogical lunacy behind the Republican agenda, is based on ignorant arrogance: Let ME tell YOU dark Muslim Arab what's best for you. What the neocons fail to do is personalize their logic. For example, as horrible as I think this administration is, if the Islamic Republic Army of Iran decided to roll their tanks through downtown La Jolla proclaiming through their bullhorns that they're "saving" me from fascist Republican rule...I might have to make me a pipe bomb and become an insurgent. The zealots who join terrorist groups are mostly poor, angry young men who are manipulated into ..ing their anger from their corrupt, ineffective governments, to the United States and the Western world. When we decide to fight terrorism simply by flattening anyone that is "not with us but against us", we do nothing but invigorate and replicate these terrorists. I don't see how having more people on this planet who want to blow us up somehow makes us safer.

At this point in the argument is when a neocon would say "see, look at that Democrat pussy, appeasing the terrorists". Shut the fuck up you ignorant, backward ass, Bill O'Reily watching, dipshit. It's not a matter of not fighting, but what and how you fight the battle. You want to make this country safer? Take the trillion dollars (yes TRILLION) that we will end up spending on W's pet invasion and use it to actually protect this country. Take $40 billion and double our intelligence budget. Tell the CIA, NSA, FBI to go to town...just try not to wipe your collective feet on the Bill of Rights. Take another $40 billion and multiply the special forces budget by more than four-fold. Have teams of Special Forces and Special Mission Units roam the world looking for, and exterminating Bin Laden and his ilk. Take $100 billion and buy more cargo inspection and border monitoring equipment. Take another $100 billion and give one million Mexicans $100,000 each to camp across our border looking for anyone trying to sneak a WMD in their camel satch. Under my plan you'll still have change left over to help pay the interest on our ever sky-rocketing deficit (courtesy of the RNC).