Dysfunctional Halo 2 Clan

Posted: Friday, April 15, 2005 | Posted by Jaba |

I am part of the most dysfunctional Halo 2 clan of all time. If we were in an actual war, everyone in our squad would die in a matter of hours, probably due to friendly fire.

The Desperadoz include:

Buknasty - Most annoying godamn shit talker of all time. Unfortunately, he smack talks to his own teammates. He's one of those guys that bitches about how shitty everyone is, even when he's the low score. In a real war, he'd be most likely to be taken out by friendly fire.

Rubberduckies - He flip flops worse than the Afghan army. Most likely to cause friendly fire.

Blk Ops - He's the dead weight of the clan. We'd be better of if he was fighting for the other team.

Jaba - Halo 2 Stud.

If you want to take us on, look for us on Xbox Live.


  1. Raven the Pagan said...
  2. Dude I now where your comming from. I was in a Ghost Recon clan. That's where I get my handle (Raven). No team work, everyman for himself. These guys talked big shit, and I didn't say shit. They hated me because most of the time I was top killer. I find it amazing how middle aged men can act like 8 year olds. They have a web site still. That makes them look like retards. They booted me and Greg (from Gregs World in my links) because they couldn't deal with us. Still makes me laugh.