Rational people - 1, NRA - 0

Posted: Friday, February 25, 2005 | Posted by Jaba |

Here is an instance, granted a single instance, where the anti-gun-control people are wrong. Culprit was armed with an AK-47. Couldn't tell from the news story but presumably he obtained the gun legally. The bastard shot and killed his ex-wife and an innocent bystander, WHO WAS ALSO ARMED WITH A GUN. So the NRA's bullshit rhetoric that people need guns to protect themselves from bad people goes to shit since this poor guy had a gun and still got his ass lit up. People wouldn't need guns to defend themselves if bad guys didn't have guns to begin with. Gun fans will say, "the bad guys will find guns, regardless of any law, if they really want to." Perhaps, but there is a chance that this nut case would have hesitated to gone through with the act if he had to do more than roll up to his local Walmart to buy the gun. And most people, with the exception of tree hugging hippies, aren't even talking about a total ban on guns. Just assault-type weapons like the one used in this maniacal act. Sounds pretty reasonable.

Just so you don't think that I'M a tree hugging hippie, I've shot guns, love paintballing, love the U.S. military, work with real-life generals, and would put a bullet in Osama's head myself if I ever saw him.


  1. Tiger said...
  2. And I heard ya'd jes' as soon shoot a heffalump as to look at a whole movie about one.

  3. Raven the Pagan said...
  4. Germany has really stricht gun laws. Thanks to these laws we don't have alot of shooting deaths. Don't get me wrong the germans have had thier problems too. All in all it's alot safer here since not everyone is packing heat.

  5. 357 magnum said...
  6. if you had paid attention the bystander had a gun and was shot while trying to protect others. a brave and selfless man

  7. 357MAGNUM said...
  8. I have read your statement several times. How dou you know that all he had to do was go to wal mart. How long had he had that gun? You say that you love paintball. As a gun owner and range master I teach people all the time NEVER to point any weapon at any body at any time. I would have a great deal of difficulty shooting another person with an air gun.
    Also what do you mean assult type?
    because it looks like a military rifle? Would you have felt differently if he had used something else...like a car or a bat. Or perhaps just strap himself with explosives as is an almost daily occurance in Isreal.
    None of what you have suggested sounds at all reasonable in any way. by the way talking of hippies
    say Hi to uncle Ted Nugent.