Fascists are at it again - NO SMOKING IN CUBA???!!!!!

Posted: Monday, February 07, 2005 | Posted by Jaba |

I've always held the belief that Castro is one of the worst criminals of the past 50 years. A man who brought the poverty, despair, and injustice of communism to an island nation that once was the premier destination of the Carribeans. Now I really think he's a prick. Cuba has banned smoking in restaurants and other public venues to "take into account the damage to the human health from smoking". How about the damage to the human health from hunger, disease, poverty, the exchange of sex for Coca Cola, all of which is prevelant in this commie hell hole. I argue that smoking has probably increased the life span of most Cubans who would have already hung themselves if it wasnt for the minor pleasure they derived from that wonderful tobacco smoke.

So I guess the fascism of California's anti-smoking laws have finally spread...well...to a fascist country. As you read this, light up a cigar in honor of those poor Cuban bastards.